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Update by user Sep 03, 2012

After writing to them to cancel, I finally got a response that I finally was canceled, but not after they had billed me again for $80+ for another $2.00 worth of joint support pills. Amazing how they got the last shipment out before they acknowledged my cancellation.

I can\'t say that my joints don\'t feel a bit more flexible, but with that kind of money I should be able to rip telephone books apart and fly too. Take 2 ibuprofen for 1/1000 the cost.

The auto shipping scam is the worst, the cost is 2nd, the \"free\" offer is #3 in priorities of scam. $4.99 to pay for handling and shipping for your free Trial now has cost me nearly $400+.

Original review posted by user Aug 03, 2012

I live in Nicaragua, I have someone bring things down every once in a while, I ordered my free trial and before I got it I had 4 bottles and over $200 worth of bills to pay. Too late they say, tough luck, and that's before I could even "sample" my Free trial to see if it works.

This automatic "auto" ship has got to stop, they can find a way to make sure your time is up and you are in debt. Is the product worth it, not unless it actually does the miracles it says, it doesn't.

That's a lot of dough for "hope" in a pill. It's enough for a small car payment!

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I hope, the company with name "instaflex" get bancropcy, if they don't put my money back to my credit card. The worst wishes , the black futures, and finally --jail for those people. Bad luck!