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sent for a 14 day free sample and then received a 30 day supply in mail and charged 74.98 on credit card

went on website to obtain a 14 day supply of Instaflex. No where on the free trial information did I see anywhere that anything other than my 4.99 shipping cost would be charged to my credit card.

I did not open or try the free trial. Today 90 capsules arrived in the mail with no paperwork or any type of receipt inside the envelope. I checked my visa card and I was charged 74.98. I went back on the website to see if I had missed something about being on a continuous mailing plan and could not find anything.

I then looked under the frequently asked question page and came up with something that said you had 14 days to cancel or you would be sent more product. It is deceptive advertising and a scam. I notified my charge card and they called Instaflex as I waited on the line. They offered to only charge me 40.00 or send the product back , get a tracking number from the post office and they would credit me the whole amount sometime in the future.

The money isn't the object it is the deception. If your product is good you shouldn't have to scam people to buy it.

If you want them on a continuing program be upfront about it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Instaflex Free Trial.

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Thanks for posting this, I almost bit on the free sample~