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Gainesville, Florida

I ordered a sample of Insta-flex for $4.99 a 14 day supply 16 days later they withdrew $74.98 out of my account for a 30 day supply which I was on aware that this was going happen, I thought I ws ordering a sample only. Never order a sample of this stuff from them it does not work and it is scam. I called the company and they gave me a return # number and said they canceled any further shipments, so I am waiting to see if they credit my Visa card back the money, they owe me.

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I got my refund but this stuf did not work for me.


:cry :sigh please cancel all future "anything" orders. DO NOT USE GIVEN ACCOUNT NUMBER anymore. Thank you.Sincerely Becky Starr


On the free trial site it actually says pretty clearly that they will charge your credit card after the 2 weeks and that it is up to you to cancel it before then. A lot of companies do this, it's not really a scam when it says it outright.

I almost ordered this myself but didn't want to deal with forgetting to cancel it in time. Hope you get your refund though!