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I did not buy Instaflex because I read the fine print, and read where each month they would send me another bottel and charge my account, DONT YOU PEOPLE READ??? Before giving my credit info out I read the fine print, try it some time you might learn something.

I don't understand why people don't read the fine print, also if you are taking out meds dont you think you should ask your Dr before taking any kind of pills you know they just might not work to good with what you are taking already.

The best place to go for help is to your Dr he knows what is out there and what will work and what wont, and he can give you sampels for free to try, and give you something that will work for you. Come on grow up and get with it there is nothing in this world that is any good that is free.

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larger print should be manditory, automatic withdrawl should be put in wrtting and signed by seller and customer. these companies use tackticks like this to take advantage of uninformed customers by useing the phrase " fine-print" alert,alert,alert!bad business by instaflex and i will facebook this and e-mail to everyone i know or can reach out to on the WEB:


still though. people should read terms and conditions. im just saying


Amen brother


Sandpipper, you are going a little too far. Most people I know try supplements because they don't want drugs.

How naive of you to think doctors know what is out there!

Most doctors only know prescription drugs, and not supplements. If you cannot find a doctor of Integrated Medicine to help, then people should find a nutritionist to help them navigate the hundreds of solutions instead of prescription drugs.