Seattle, Washington

I ordered a trial sample of ddl instaflex for 4.99 April 2011. The product did not make any difference in the pain level and I wasn't going to order.

I guess it doesn't matter what I want because I just checked my account and $74.98 was charged to my account. This business is a total scam and I can't believe they are still operating. This is the last time I order any trial *** again. I should have checked reviews and bbb before I ordered.

I only hope I can get my money back but that seems doubtful.

I'm definitely worried about this company having my account numbers. Jim

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Took money out of my account and I didn't order anything


I have made the very same mistake and I am now being charged $74.98 for 30 day supply which I did not order. It is a real scam company, very dishonest. But they are Americans, land of dishonest people, so why am I surprised.



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