Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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I tried Instaflex with only a sample where I paid for shipping with my bank card and the company is now sending more and charging my bank card. These people are crooks!!

The product is as phony as the company. Beware of these thefts. These seek to take advantage of your sufferings with no relief of pain only re-leaving your bank account with their scam.

Stay away from their lies and crooked deals. This product is not Kosher, and only consists of junk shellfish. I plan on legal action with these underhanded gangsters. Beware of giving out your card number to these crooks! Lilian and Larry Gallagher

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They did the same thing to me. It took me two months to realize I wasn't getting anything free and it was costing me $74.97 a month.

Typical. And it doesn't work.