New York, New York

ordered the free sample for 4.99 and used my bank card. tried the sample and found it did not work for me.

received another package and charge on my bank card for over 70.00. returned the package have not received my refund. called to be told that there is a 30 day return policy which i was never told. also they are telling me they have not received the package i sent 1 month ago and i have to call back in three days.

what a scam this is.

it also cost me 5.00 to send back. wonder what i will hear in 3 days.

Product or Service Mentioned: Instaflex Free Trial.

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Jane our records indicate we were already able to assist you in getting a refund. However for reference, we do accept returns in both manners, sent to us with confirmation or by refusal. We do always recommend customers retain tracking numbers for their records as postal carriers can lose packages from time to time.


same exact thing happened to me. i didn't know of charge until rec'd.

bank statement which showed a charge for $74.98 from this company. the package is at post office, unclaimed.

i don't know whether to send it back "refused" and have them say they never recieved it, or to just re-send with "delivery confirmation." any suggestions here?



We do offer a 30-day money back guarantee on Instaflex Shipments. As soon as we receive returns we issue a full refund. If you can email us at with your full name, the address you received it at, and any tracking information for when you sent it back, we'd be happy to look into it for you.


Instaflex Support


Oh Dora. Dora, Dora, Dora ...

NEVER forget what I'm about to say to you. There is NO SUCH THING as a FREE sample! A great deal of the FREE sample offers out there are attached to a purchase requirement, or more often, a subscription of some sort.

And that 30-day money back guarantee is set in stone.

Sadly, the entire process -- to make you whole again -- is going to be harder than getting out of a contract with the devil. Never take for granted what these companies go through to get business. In some cases, the FREE samples are high-planned marketing ploys to make money from people that forget, assume, and don't read the fine print.

Good luck getting a dime of your money back. I sure hope they come through for you.