Boynton Beach, Florida

I ordered Insta Flex through your free sample. I did it over the telephone. I tried it for about a week and a half it did very little for my joints.

Mybank ccount was chargedd today for $74.98 for an other bottle which I did not order. How the *** can you ship something when there was no rder. You are *** artists and I will report your acitivty to the U.S. Government.

This form is nothing but a fraud demanding that there be rulesfor complaints. I hope that there is an investigation into your practices.

Good bye.

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What a bunch of *** idots!! Don't U read Terms and Conditions?


I take it you both will start reading all the terms and conditons from now on!


If you can contact us directly by calling 877-869-3310 or emailing us at we'd be more than happy to help you with your account.


Instaflex Support


The same **BS** happened to me. What a bunch of crooks.