Wildomar, California

i order a sample of your instaflez fro $ 4.99 with free shipping.all i had in the bank was $30.00 so i knew i can afford the $4.99 but instead you took $74.98 from what i didnt had in the bank plus the bank charge me $35.00 for overcharge something i never do because i always know the amount i have in the bank.and now i need my money to pay my bills you all owe me $109.98 before i turn this over the bbb facebook and youtube and my attorney.please my

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Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada #587201

The customer service responses I have read on line here have assured that I will NOT be ordering this product. Even if it worked a miracle I would not ever consider entering into a contract with a company with this ignorant attitude toward people.


I was considering taking advantage of this offer myself until I read "Scott's" ignorant comments towards your customers. I can understand complaints about the auto ship deal but it can be avoided by reading your agreement, but this *** dealing with complaints is a very ugly representation of your company and that is the reason I won't be ordering!


If you only had $30 in your account why are you ordering things online. These kind of posts drive me crazy.

If you dont have money dont buy things you cant afford. Read the agreement if you did not call or suspend the account 18 days after you bought the sample you got charged the full amount.