Las Cruces, New Mexico

I am charged $ 74.98 with Instaflex I did not order.I only ordered

the trial. Please return the money on my card. I cannot afford THIS.PLEASE ME KNOW IF I CAN RETURN THIS TO YOUR CO.C.O.D.THIS IS A WORRY I DO NOT NEED.

Just please remove this charge from my credit card. Are you just ripping

the public off??? again I cannot afford this. I will try and fight this fraud, of something I did not order . Do not send me any more, I do not want your product.namely ddl.INSTAFLEX. NELL NEWTON 4865 CAMINO DOS VIDAS


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Instaflex Support


If you can contact us directly we'd be more than happy to help you return your package. Simply give us a call at 877-869-3310 and any of our representatives will be glad to assist.


Instaflex Support

to Instaflex Support #758987

I recently ordered free format Instaflex at $ 4.99 for postage.That's it!

Without my permission, you sent me another container and have charged my credit card $ 74.98. I call it FRAUD.

So I forbid you to debit my VISA again and orders you to stop these shipments and give me my money!I want to return the product Instaflex to you.


instaflex is a complete money making fraud