Chicago, Illinois

As with the other people who complained, Instafex shipped a new order with out authorization.You can not emaiol them, only call so they delay you response.

I know Dog Flutie .

their spokesperson and am attempting top get ahold of him to tell how they screwing over his name. I am Pissed. I took the product and had no benefit as well as developing swelling in my calves and ankles.

They are a poor excuse for a health care company.

They need to be taught a lesson. I would love see a legal source take them to task put them out of business.

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i ordered free sample have not recieved it yet please cancel my order with all the bad press i am sure there are better online companies to order from


I like your response, but... who's Dog Flutie?



We'd certainly e glad to assist you with your account. If you can contact us toy by phone or email we'd b glad to help. Our phone number is 877-869-3310 and our email is, which we list on our site.


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