Harlingen, Texas

I am 89 year. Instaflex said that I call them and order this product.

Wish I know that I did not call. Well, the story is they keep sending this product and in there shipping there was no invoice. So there was way we could send it back or that there were billing my credit card. And when my caregiver was checking my credit card statement.

Wish she was wondering what this charging were and call the 800 number. And that how I find out there being charging for a 1 year and couple months $74. When I try to get a refund they said they could not give me a refund. Even told then I did not use the product.

I could send back and they said no. I argue about it . I asked to send me documents where I agree and they said it was record thou the phone.

Ask them to sent a copy of the recording or document. And I have not heard from them

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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