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Washington, Missouri

Instaflex tried to automatically renew my order beyond the 14 day trial.

However, I ordered the $4.99 trial with only $12.00 in my Paypal account, therefore, they cannot charge the $69.99 as there are no funds available. I spent the last $7 on gas.

Question is; will they be able to take the next deposit I make to my Paypal account? I intend to contact them and cancel my order before I ever make another deposit!

Meanwhile, my Paypal account is held hostage until I can straighten this situation out. Their product gave me heartburn and I am not sure it made any difference in the joint pain I feel. I have good days and bad days.

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they did the same thing to me and i called 4 days after receiving the free trial to cancel and they still took money out of my account THIS IS A FRAUNTULENT SCHEME AND ANYBODY THINKING ABOUNT TRYING THIS GARBAGE NEEDS TO BE AWARE THIS STUFF IS GARBAGE IT DOES NOT WORK


This product also gave me incredible heartburn.I even stopped taking it and waited a week before I tried it again.

I hardly ever get heartburn but when I tried it again I was doubled over in pain within a couple of hours. I stop taking it and the heartburn goes away.

I wish I had my hard earned 70 dollars back.:(


hi ~ i just signed up: i was ready to order Instaflex sample and wanted to see how many pills were in the special $29.99 pop-up ad [it came up after i got my confirmation number for the 4.99 samples]: i couldn't find it, but i found this site :).i called the 1.877.869.3310 tel nbr - the rep explained the 18 day time frame/future ship unless xl'd, and even offered to pop in a future xl date of 2/1/11 or so.

i didn't click the final page, but a confirm no popped up and she saw it on her computer and xl'd the order for me. Very very nice & pleasant indeed! As for PayPal, please just call them as well ~ they're very adept at resolving problems. They even contacted me when someone charged $3.50 on my card somehow, and they called me, & sent me a new account nor.

i hope your pain eases up: we often find relief with Bio-Freeze [an OTC lotion or gel].ty ~ good to be in good company!javascript:ac_smilie(':)')


If you can contact us directly at either 877-869-3310 or email us at we would be more than happy to cancel your account for you.