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After the free trial offer+S/H, THE PRODUCT IS'nt any GOOD I don't want anymore to do with them,but they've sent me two more big Bottles of the S___ and billed my credit card for $74.00 for each bottle. I want this to STOP!!!!

Now. I want this $150.00 + to be taken off my account Balance immediately. NO MORE, What else can I say.. The companys name is INSTAFLEX dietary supplement.

To help relieve joint pain.HA Ha what a phony PRODUCT, Everyone Beware..They will send it to you for ever and keep billing you if you don't watch your account Balance. 10/30/2011

Product or Service Mentioned: Instaflex Free Trial.

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I accepted their free trial (only pay shipping) and made the mistake of providing my credit card number.

I tried the product, found it didn't help me, and phoned them to cancel the autoship. They keep shipping the stuff and billing me though.

This seems to be a scam! Be warned and avoid this product unless you want to be billed forever.

I want my money back, and am going to see just how much trouble I can cause them until I do get it back, starting by notifying Visa that this company seems to be using them to carry out the scam, and going on from there to see what government authorities I can bring down on them.

I suggest that anyone else having similar problems do the same.

to al reumayr Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada #598279

Well, you could short their stock then bring them down. I heard of a guy tried doing that with a pipeline, but this would be in the public's interest!


We'd be more than happy to assist you with your account and help you with the returns process. If you can contact us direct at 877-869-3310 or support@instaflex.com any one of representatives will be happy to help.


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