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Yes, I was caught by these "artists." They don't work weekends, so I'll have to continue this unpleasant task on Monday. In brief: I ordered a sample shipment of Instaflex, but a few weeks later received two 30-capsule bottles of the same. Indications are this will continue and I will be charged as long as they feel like it. This is patently unfair. There must be a way of protecting the public in cases such as this one. I am old and retired and certainly cannot afford this. Please help. I'll provide you with additional details if needed!

Their department office is in Salt Lake City.

Koraljka Lockhart (in 94707)

Reason of review: Not as described.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Being lied to, Unethical business practises, Not being able to cancel.

  • Instaflex Scam
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In the future, always read the fine print. I got a two week trial offer from Insta flex.

I like the product.

But, I did read the fine print and read that after two weeks you would automatically be sent capsules and charged for them. So, I called today, and got it cancelled, I asked for a confirmation email as well.

All of these people who are offering samples or whatever, stating that you only pay shipping are doing the same thing.

Be careful, and I hope you get your money back.