I had knee discomfort for many months. Tried Creams, Gel, and other supplements before with little or no relief. I was intrigued by the statement 'joint relief in 7 days' on the bottle and decided to give this supplement a try. Most of the pain was gone in 7 days! I...
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Had the same exact experience , I had cancelled it 10 days back . Still I got $74.95 bottle , inspite of my cancelling it 7-10 days before. I rcvd the $74.95 bottle , the co claims that I must. Have contcted. Another co , I called up the no that was on their 14 day...
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West Linn, Oregon
I didn't like
  • Being lied to

I fell for the small print when I ordered the free (?) sample. 17 days later a package arrived with a new bottle of Instaflex, something I certainly didn't order. The sad thing is that it's working for me, and I do intend to keep using it, but the fact that I...
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Waipahu, Hawaii
We were able to cancel your account for you based on the information from your post. Our records show that you have not contacted us in regards to cancelling your account previously. Customers may cancel their account by calling us 6 days a week at 800.436.0920,...
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Middletown, Maryland
Instaflex's reply to:

We’re sorry that you had an issue with our trial program. Instaflex is available in a number of different ways, one of which is through a trial program. We disclose all aspects of the trial program on the checkout page, directly above the checkout button and require...
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Atlanta, Georgia
This company is terrible to do business with. Ordered free 14 day trial and it never arrived, said it was my fault??? Gave me a tracking number, said I would have to file a complaint with the Post Office. They had already charged me $74.98 for a month's supply and...
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susan savoca

Hi I am waiting for a refund the pills do not work .my return number is 553257 my name is susan savoca thank you

Donna Pounds

This has overdrawn me with the $74.98 and the $36.00= 110.98 . I would like for you to refund me ! They do not work as we'll as my prescription and I do not pay this much

Upland, California
tried the 14day free trial 3 weeks later they ccharged my credit card 74.98. no further charges were authorized. disputed with my credit card. do not order tumeric is better for arthritic pain. i am surre that they sneak this by a lot of people who do read their bill...
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Mount Laurel, New Jersey

Instaflex in Guymon, Oklahoma - Blood Pressure

I have taken blood pressure pills for years but when I stated taking two Instaflex pills a day I stopped taking the blood pressure pills and just take the two Instaflex pills a day. I tried the one a day but my blood pressure came up or expired before 24 hrs so went back to the two a day regular ones. I have done this for two years and no side affects that I can tell. I just wonder why if anyone can tell me that it takes care of my blood pressure. I am 95 yrs old.
Guymon, Oklahoma
We're sorry if you had an issue with our trial program. Instaflex is sold in a variety of ways, the most common ones are through major retailers or directly from us. If a customer purchases directly from us they have the option to sign up for an 18-day trial,...
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Pinckney, Michigan
Instaflex's reply to:

Based on the information from the post we were able to locate your account. We show that you were able to call in and cancel your account. We received your return and you were issued a full refund. We do offer a trial of our product and that has an autoship aspect...
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Tucson, Arizona