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Hi, our records indicate that we did eventually receive your return from USPS and that you were issued a full refund. If you need any further help, please don't hesitate to contact us back at 877-869-3310 or email us at
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INSTAFLEX Misleading Charge me on 8/02/2010 Unauthorized Charge DDL*INSTAFLEX 30DAY SP $74.98 12 days after recieving their trial product by mail. I did not authorize them to charge nor did they advise of the same. People beware of this scam, the product is a placebo and has no benefit or is it a remedie for what it claims.

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The Instaflex company took 74.98 from my account in January. Soon after I received the product I called the customer service no. and got a RMA no. to return the product . I took it to the post office and handed it to the postal worker and still did not receive the refund. They tell me they never received it. How did they get to me? I have called numerous times and they tell me to talk to a supervisor and put me on hold or promise to have someone contact me within 72 hrs. and I'm still waiting. Do not ever order from them ! It doesn't work anyway!!

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I was also charged the 74.98 on my credit card without knowledge or authorization. I never never never authorize automatic debit to my bank account. Apparently after you receive a trial 14 day free supply you are fair game for future automatic charges.


Tried it once with terrible results. Their marketing strategy is a common "SCAM".

I bent over backwards to find a return address ,but by the time I was invoiced on my credit card{with out "ANY" authorization .They are taking advantage of those desperation in chronic pains.My brother in law / Ont M P P will hear of this as well as the B B Bureau. :( :( :(


An other fish. Yes I am an other one who did not have a refound from instaflex. I send back the product June the 16th 2012, and still waiting.


Iam not satisfey this medesin :cry


I have the problem as all above and I need assistance for taking legal action against these people!


I ordered the "free" sample and now they have sent me another bottle which I did not ask for and charged my credit card. I don't think the product has actually helped with my joint pain.I need my money back right now.

This is a big scam.


j'ai reçu un compte de 74.98$

Je n'ai rien commandé et je n'ai rien reçu.

Donc je ne paierai pas ce compte.



I would like to canel all order of instaflex, I do not like been charged for this. I try the free trail that was it.

I did not agree for you to charged me again on my card $74.98 and $30. all in the same day what up with that? (11502 Freeman Ave.

Hawthorne CA. 90250)

Customer ID #3635141


DDL Instaflex has done the same to us, they have illegally charged my credit card for a supply I did not authorize to order, ship or request!


i don't authorized to that company to charge me the amount of 74.98. I need that they give my money back right now. Everybody have to take care with that company.


Please read small print in INSTAFLEX ad. You give permission to send a one month bottle in 18 days after registering for free sample and you are placed on the AUTOMATIC shipping one bottle per month scheme. You must call to cancel.....hope you get to actualy reach a human and not a recording to do so.


Same here. I ordered the "free" sample and now they have sent me another bottle which I did not ask for and charged my debit card.

I am going to cancel my debit card because of the way they have handled this. I don't think the product has actually helped with my joint pain.


This is a big scam company. Leave your guard down one moment and companies like this will try to take advantage of you.

Now it's my problem....


Do NOT charge my account (4408 0410 1941 4196) ever again! You NEVER were given authority to charge anything other than the S&H of the free "tial" supply.


I also was duped by this co. they never even sent me the product but charged my card anyway. will I get my refund?


scam yes was to be charged 4.98 for shiping but my CC statment came with a charge of 74.98 witch was not as stated on there add.


Dispute fraudulent charges immediately through your bank, under FRB Reg. E, and close your account due to fraud to prevent additional fraudulent charges. Your bank can reverse fraudulent charges showing on statements dated up to 60 days earlier than your original date of dispute.

Follow up to your bank dispute with a written dispute or fraud affidavit sent to your bank's dispute address, and file a fraud and theft complaint with your local police, FTC, your state Attorney General, and at


Rating: 0 tj - 21 Oct 2010

Scammers will generally try to delay you with promises to "investigate", lies about how "you agreed", promises to send a "refund form", and other tactics designed to delay you past the 60 day dispute period where your bank can recover your money.

Credit card disputes are under FCBA, checking account disputes under FRB Reg. E. Either way, dispute through your bank to get back fraudulent charges.


Rating: 0 Theo - 15 Nov 2010

I too signed up for the free trial in July and they have been debiting my CC ever since. And sending these pills every month. There is no return address to send back the items. I live overseas; is there anyway to get a redress?


Rating: 0 g.a. - 26 Nov 2010

The same thing happend to my mom.She is 75,and this co. is taking advantage of a lot of people.She ordered the $4.98 S/H 14 day trial then they charged on her card $79. and change, and get this for nothing she never recieved what the statement read. A 30 day trial.Now we are having problems with her C.CARD.....


Rating: 0 Gloria - 27 Nov 2010

I signed up for the free trial and was to pay the shipping charges only.

I was charged $74.98 on my credit card. I have called my bank and reported

this fraud and have cancelled my card. Hoping to get this charge credited

to my account.


Rating: 0 John Alvey - 14 Feb 2011

Ordered the trial lot, then received the larger lot and was charged $74.98 on my credit card, I did not order this larger amount another scam? How and where do I return it?


Rating: 0 Gail - 19 May 2011


This co. has ILLEGALLY debited my account more than $75. (Plus any bank fees.) They had NO AUTHORIZATION to do this. This co. is a SCAM. I am a poor & disabled person. Now I am in the negative and cannot get my Pharmacy meds!! SHAME ON YOU!!! PLUS THESE DON'T WORK!! MORE SHAME ON YOU!!! You will be reported as a fraudulent "co." and I hope someday you will REALLY pay for the problems you have caused all of us here.

Like these others have stated, THIS IS A BIG SCAM!!

I ordered the "FREE" sample, a 14-day supply and was to pay only for the S/H @ $4.99. I DID NOT AUTHORIZE ANY MORE. My Bank will be involved now Mr. Liar.


Unauthorized Charge fraud fcf stage 50s(stage of beauty) 30DAY SP $74.98 fraud ----------


Same thing here. The bank gave me a number to contact which is also LISTED AT THEIR WEB SITE AND IT IS A SO CALLED CONFERENCE CENTER. By the way the product does not work.


Ordered free sample, paid shipping...month later found $75.00 charge to credit card. Did not order, did not authorize! Scam!